Lemke Offers Cutting Edge UAV Technology

Image is of an Actual 'Explorable' 3D Model- it is not a Photograph

Lemke Land Surveying (LLS) is a complete end-to-end UAV data collection provider.

The team at LLS can collect, analyze, and distribute aerial data quickly and more cost effectively than ever before. LLS is fully licensed, with their own insured pilot guaranteeing they are always ready to meet their clients’ specific needs.

Image is of an Actual 'Explorable' 3D Model- it is not a photograph

LLS recently provided professional surveying services for a soil remediation project in South Central Oklahoma. The site was too dangerous to perform a traditional survey and would have created safety hazards for their workers. Using “survey grade” aerial drone technology, the team created a true, certifiable engineering survey without having to climb through the hazardous terrain. Drone technology allowed LLS surveyors to complete the on-site work in less than six hours, whereas a traditional survey would have taken 3-4 days with exposure to unnecessary safety hazards due to the unstable steep slopes.

Through drone technology, our client is able to “virtually” explore and closely inspect the pit site from the created model and imagery. The imagery can be viewed by the client three-dimensionally with a software extension (at no cost) which includes viewing, printing, and measuring tools that are accurate within 1/10 of a foot. This means being able to perform follow-up site visits without leaving their desk!


LLS drone surveys are overseen by a Professional Land Surveyor and/or a Professional Engineer and performed by a certified licensed drone pilot. They are true, certifiable engineering surveys, not just aerial pictures and videos. They are ideal for cradle-to-grave progress monitoring and reports and are cost effective, quick, and safe.

To learn more about Lemke’s UAV Technology services, please contact us at 405.366.8541 or visit our website at www.Lemke-LS.com


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