Lemke Facilitates Drone/GIS Conversation

July 12, 2018

Oklahoma City, Okla., – Lemke Land Surveying facilitated a conversation for an Oklahoma City based law firm to discuss the use of GIS and Drones to conduct pipeline inspections.

The discussion included demonstrations of thermal imaging capability and FLIR imaging for leak detection.

Many questions were discussed including: Can drones help identify the location of old pipelines? Can camera technology on a drone identify older, active pipelines using thermal imaging? Can a drone provide exact GPS coordinates when putting together a survey for the route of a new pipeline? Are drones equipped with GPS location technology to assist in a pipeline surveying process?

These questions are important for many reasons since many older pipelines are not always in the surveyed location. Additionally, during the condemnation process, the pipeline company must identify the precise route the pipeline will take. This usually involves a detailed survey. However, companies can engage in a pre-survey to avoid long-lasting condemnation challenges. With the use of both Drone and GIS technology, companies can identify many potential issues well in advance.

For more information about Drones and GIS technology, please visit our website at www.lemke-ls.com or contact us at 405.366.8541.

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